Friday, June 19, 2015

Recap of containers at Interconnect Feb 2015

I've been posting content in a few different locations, so thought I'd keep a few references on this Blog.  Back in February IBM held the first Interconnect conference.  Interconnect was huge ... three conferences rolled up into one.  Hybrid Cloud and the role containers play in portable workloads was a pretty consistent theme throughout the conference.  This of course made me happy. 

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to present some sessions on containers and continuous delivery.   If you are interested you can get a copy of my slides on slideshare.  

Of the keynotes I thought that the talk Gennaro Cuomo and Heather Cox gave about Hybrid Cloud and Innovation was well done:

Dan Berg and Jason McGee did a nice give and take on IBM DevOps Services for Containers:  

 The keynote video does not do a great job of showing the scenario, so here is an introduction to IBM DevOps Services for Containers at the time of Interconnect

All in all it was a great conference. We got really good feedback in terms of the direction that we are heading with the Delivery Pipeline, and the tight integration with services on Bluemix. With Dockercon coming up I'll take the opportunity to post more in next few days on my thoughts and progress working with containers and building out delivery pipelines.

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